A View along the Coast

A View Along The CoastWith the sun glistening off the wet sand , people taking a stroll with their feet touching the soft sand underneath them , taking in the breathtaking view along the coast.

Over looking the Two Sugar Loaf’s situated in the Wicklow Mountains.

From the laughter of joy , with their sound echoing through the wind , with some gazing taking in the view and with some just taking a stroll along the coast.


The Lake House

The Lake HouseI found this place so Intriguing. So Intriguing that i could see myself sitting right at the water edge, just thinking, taking life in and just think.

I call it The Lake House…

While on Location in Australia , we took a road trip, a trip I’ll never forget, a trip of a life time. After i took this photo, i just paused , sat back, took note of everything around me and enjoyed the moment.